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The Tulsa Children's Chorus is made up of singers in grades 3 - 6 and the Tulsa Youth Chorus of grades 7 - 12. As Tulsa's premier chorus, choir members learn challenging choral repertoire in unison up to four parts. Much of the choral repertoire selected for this group is in foreign languages. This not only challenges the singers beyond vocal capabilities but also exposes them to the music of other heritages and cultures. Many standard choral practices are required of the singers including correct posture, vowel pronunciation, solfege, sight reading and use of head tone. 


Attendance Policy

Attendance is taken at every rehearsal and performance. Due to their limited number, each rehearsal is considered extremely important for the sake of developing a beautiful choral sound, learning repertoire, practicing vocal technique and mastering musicianship skills.

All singers are expected to be on time to every rehearsal. With the exception of water, absolutely no food, gum or drinks are allowed into the rehearsal space. At the completion of rehearsal, all singers are expected to bring music binders, pencils and chairs to their appropriate location.

If your child is going to be late or absent from any rehearsal, please call the Tulsa Children's Chorus Office in advance. A parent/guardian will be called if the singer is absent from any rehearsal or performance if the parent/guardian had not called in advance. This act is merely in respect to the child's safety. Only two (2) unexcused absences are allowed. Students who achieve either perfect rehearsal attendance or perfect concert attendance are rewarded with an a exclusive, VIP end-of-the-year party.

Excused Absences: illness, church event, school-sponsored activities and family emergency.

Rehearsal Behavior

Participation in the Tulsa Children's Chorus is a fun, social experience that provides the opportunity to make new friends from public, private and home schools across the greater Tulsa area. The time for socialization should take place before and after rehearsal - practice time should be respected and full attention is demanded throughout its duration. Consequently, this means that phone calls and texting are NOT permitted during rehearsal times. As a member of the choir, singers are expected to be respectful of each other, the music octavos, the music teachers and of the rehearsal building. Singers will often be moved to facilitate the best vocal and visible ensemble and are expected to cooperate fully with the directors at all times.  

Rowdy, impudent or rude behavior will NOT be tolerated and a choir member displaying such behavior will be asked to sit out a rehearsal. If such behavior continues, a choir member may be asked to dismiss themselves from the chorus. Parents are encouraged to discuss this policy of etiquette and mutual respect with their child.

Singers are expected to be extremely respectful of the rehearsal space. This includes no running, yelling or destructive behavior before, during or after rehearsal. Parents may sit and listen to practice in the lounge area outside the rehearsal space. If there are young siblings also waiting with their parents, we ask that you ensure their respect and quiet behavior.

Out of respect to all of our hard working directors and accompanists, prompt pick-up of your singer at the end of each rehearsal is greatly appreciated. Excessive abuse of this request will be addressed.


Code of Conduct

As a member of the Tulsa Children's Chorus, you and your fellow singers represent Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma. The Tulsa Children's & Youth Choruses are the infrastructure of a select performing group. An act of respect and professionalism is expected throughout the duration of every rehearsal, performance and choir trip.

Singers are expected to observe a quiet and respectful presence during any mandatory outing, especially those taking place in a church or other religious setting. No food or drink is ever acceptable in these spaces. All behavior at rehearsal, performances, touring - especially while wearing a Tulsa Children's Chorus shirt - will be observed by others and thus reflect upon the image of our organization. At all times, singer behavior is expected to adhere to the highest standards of common courtesy to fellow members, adults and all property.

In observance of the Code of Conduct for the Tulsa Children's Chorus, please ensure the following for every performance:

  • Be punctual for every call/warm-up time. Be ready to go at the right time and place. Maintain silence on or backstage.

  • DO NOT chew gum.

  • Minimize fidgeting and keep your hands at your sides.

  • Arrive to a performance showered and well-groomed.

  • Smile and enjoy the performance!

At no time during a rehearsal, performance, retreat or touring event is ANY member of the Tulsa Children's or Youth Chorus EVER to possess or consume alcohol, tobacco or drug item of ANY kind. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE violation of the Tulsa Children's Chorus Code of Conduct and immediate dismissal from the organization will be executed. No medications of any kind may be taken unless prior authorization is made and an active Medical Release form is on file.If either of these instances occur, the parents/guardians of the choir member will be contacted immediately for the choir member's transportation home, at the family's expense. The directors of the organization reserve the right to seek appropriate action regarding any other inappropriate offenses caused by a choir member not listed above.


Parent Booster Club

The majority of our support comes from active parents. Please consider joining this team by indicating so on the registration form.


Financial Obligations

Membership fees are based on one-year involvement in the Tulsa Children's Chorus (TCC) or Tulsa Youth Chorale (TYC). Tuition does not include the cost of the uniform or other festivals and tours.  Because we plan our year and purchase materials for the entire year based on enrollment the first week, all tuition and fees are non-refundable.  In some cases, a tax receipt can be given to show a charitable contribution.

Deposit: A non-refundable $50 registration fee is due upon the child's acceptance into the choir. This registration fee only applies towards tuition if your account is paid in full by SEPTEMBER 13th, 2016. The registration fee, if not your account is NOT paid in full by SEPTEMBER 13th is applied to administrative services required for the payment plan chosen. Cash, check and credit card payments are accepted for tuition and fees. Mrs. Blakely is available before rehearsals to process payments or answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Tuition and Fees: Tuition is $380/year and $190 for each sibling. Any singer joining TCC on or after January 1 will pay pro-rated tuition. All returned checks will result in a $25.00 charge to the child's account. Additional expenses include uniforms, logo tee shirts, travel and contest fees.

Payment Policy and Options: Tuition & Fees may be paid via check (preferable) or by credit card (where we incur a 2.9%fee) to Charlotte Blakely before Tuesday rehearsal. Please list the following information with all payments so that your account  can be accurately identified:  Reason for payment (i.e., tuition, t-shirts, etc.) TCC member's first and last name.

● Payment of $380($330 if $50 deposit previously paid) in Full by September 13th
● Two payments of $190 with 1st payment on September 13th and 2nd on January 10th
● Ten monthly payments of $45 due 9/13,10/11,11/8,12/13,1/10,2/7,3/7,4/11, & 5/9

A full year's tuition is due even if the child drops out of the program mid-season. Please understand that, as a nonprofit organization, TCC establishes its operating budget based upon tuition from committed participants. 

Financial Aid is available on a limited basis, as the Tulsa Children's Chorus budget allows. Applications may be obtained by emailing Ms. Blakely and must be returned by the Fall Kick-Off . Tax Form 1040 or 1040A from the most recent tax filing and a letter (1 page max) stating specific reasons for the need must be included. At their October meeting, the Board of Directors will consider the application and letter and the family will be notified by a representative of the Board. 

Tulsa Children's Chorus does not offer other specific discounts however, families with two or more members will receive a 50% tuition discount for each subsequent child and serious scholarship consideration for full or partial tuition if the application process is followed. If tuition assistance is granted, the child and parent will be required to assist with a Tulsa Children's Chorus project.

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